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green living

Posted by [email protected] on January 19, 2013 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (1)

to add on to the many reasons I want to visit Dominica, another important one is that they are poised to be the first island in the Caribbean to go entirely geothermal for their power. They are concerned about the safety, but more excited about the potential.

The islands are all volcanic and are perfect canidates for geothermal electric grids, that could provide free electricity to the citizens and perhaps sell energy to neighboring islands. It is a great topic, and this is one article I found to be very informative:

so, here is a rainbow from Dominica to inspire:

making contact

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so, that is where I want to go, that is who I want to work with, how...... HOW does that work? I do not know (I feel like quoting Dr. Seuss here... I do not know, go ask your dad) I am kind of sure he doesn't know either. But I am still trying.

Goal: travel to Dominica, work with artists there, explore nature to expand my work   

boiling lake

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so, I read that Dominica has the second largest boiling lake in the world and it is worth a trek (major hike apparently) to go see it. I thought that sounded like a great challenge for me to take on, along with the general challenge of getting to Dominica in the first place and meeting and working with some artists there. But, I wondered, what is a boiling lake, why is that so special and from some of the pictures it just looks like a lake with a lot of fog around it set on the top of some beautiful hills. You can't swim in it... it is boiling!!

Well, as fate seems to take hold, this summer my best friend in the whole world (litteraly-- she is from Holland) came to visit us for the third time in the past five years. We love her so much, in fact I met her in high school, she was a foriegn exchange student at my suburban Kansas City High School--Raytown High School, and she changed my life forever. We hung out every weekend, went to concerts, talked, shopped at thrift stores, gossipped, we became best friends. Mid-way through the year she asked me to come to Holland with her, my parents were not too excited about me attending art school, but Holland was fine. OK.

So, I moved to Holland to work as an au-pair, and long story short I met a French man who I married and we now live in the US and have two kids.

Back to the boiling lake, so Marja, my best friend, came for a visit with us this summer and we went on a road trip to Yellowstone... yes, I was bringing it back around.... I had no idea that Yellowstone was so much more than buffalo, elk and bears, I mean, yeah there is "Old Faithful" but I didn't realize the volcanic activity was so rampant and that is the true draw to this park. I must have missed that show.. but it is... there are boiling lakes there!! And beautiful ones with amazing colorful microbes that range from turquoise to bright orange to 23 karat gold (in coloring). I had no idea, all the documentaries on Yellowstone speak about the wildlife and protecting the fragile landscape... show us some turquoise boiling water next time!!

I guess my point is: if I do or do not make the three hour hike up and the three hour hike down from the boiling lake in Dominica I won't feel like I have missed something. There is already so much else to explore in Dominica.

pic from Yellowstone this summer (2012)

one year later

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PInterest is one of those strange things that requires a lot of time, if you are interested in it, and then forget about... that is my story anyway. Last year on a couple of cold days I decided to create some pinterest boards and I completely forgot about them until today when by email I was notified that someone was following one of my boards.

I created a board on Dominica too and I completly forgot about some of these images, this one in particular is amazing:

from this website:

Such imagination and creativity and joy, I wish I could be there for carnival this year, but I can't make it, maybe one year.

Here is the pinterest link: there are images of other artwork I found on the web and some nature scenes, have I mentioned waterfalls yet? Dominica has a ton of waterfalls, and 365 rivers, and the second largest boiling lake in the world. If I get some "pinterest time" I will try to add to the Dominica board soon.

getting there

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One of the interesting links on the Dominica travel website is "how to get here" , huh? Just book a flight right? Well, I guess it isn't that easy. They do have two airports, but some airlines only fly into Dominica three times a week, and only once on that day. There are several hubs in the Caribbean with direct flights and from the US San Juan, PR is the closest, but from the research I have done a stay over in San Juan is likely.

When a travel website for a place includes the difficulty of just getting there you know it is going to be an adventure.

oh right, why Dominica?

Posted by [email protected] on January 11, 2013 at 8:15 PM Comments comments (0)

well, why not?!

That is a valid question, honestly it is not entirely a boring story. Interesting may be a stretch.

So, in 2009 and 2010 Kansas City had blizzards that we haven't experienced for a decade, in 2010, we had plans to drive to a beach on the Gulf of Mexico, any beach would do, because 2009 was such a horribly cold winter. We had to delay our plans by a day because of a two foot snow storm on Christmas Eve. In 2011, around November, we got a dusting of snow and I decided to google Caribbean Islands to escape to during December, not that we could afford it, but just to dream. Every island I came across on the internet was not really appealing to me. We like to camp, hike, explore, we are a family that is not well suited to the resort life style, so I googled "camping in the Caribbean, nature island" and lo and behold Dominica popped up.

I have to be honest here, I had never heard of Dominica before and no one else I know in Kansas City has either, but I would bet they haven't heard of Kansas City either, and that interests me. The problem is it is quite far and expensive to get to, so, like all obsessions begin, for me anyway, tell me I can't do something... and I WILL find a way!

art in Dominica

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I have been really thinking about how my artwork will come into play on my trip. I have contacted an arts and crafts organization and a local artist who is quite renouned in the region ( and deserves a world stage, his work is really great and I will create a post on him soon) who I hope to meet in person.  I want to be able to meet working artists, and I hope I can create some work of my own while I am there. That is what is not defined. Where will I be able to purchase clay, will I be able to fire anything, should I consider other mediums?

My initial mission for this trip was to discover new natural forms (from the rain forest and the sea)  to inspire new work in the future. Now, I want to work there, and I want a chance to work alongside the artists there, have conversations with them about their work, what inspires them? Can a girl from the middle of the prairie find new inspiration on an island? I am betting that I can.

Prairie to Archipeligo

Posted by [email protected] on January 10, 2013 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (0)

My family and friends are tired of hearing about my obsession with Dominica, so I will just vent my thoughts on the internet, why not?

I will call this daily rant a countdown to Dominica, it is getting closer and closer to reality. I found a place to stay, we are going to spend half the time on the Atlantic coast in a town called Rosalie which has an eco lodge with tree houses ! Yes, we are going to spend two weeks in a tree house.

scenes from a drought

Posted by [email protected] on July 24, 2012 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Yesterday on my morning bike ride I decided to take my camera along with me to memorialize some of the trees and plants that are dying due to this horrible drought. I was pretty pleased with some of the shots I got, one in particular is a nice stone planter, very traditional and formal, with the dying plant as the centerpiece.

I got some good shots today as well, towards the end of my ride I discovered a gate with trumpet vine over the archway, after that I kept running into some interesting orange objects that I couldn't resist shooting as well, the photo stream can be found here:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

Wants and needs can be the same thing

Posted by [email protected] on July 10, 2012 at 10:15 PM Comments comments (0)

It feels like a long time since I have had a passionate desire for something, I feel passionate about so many things, but the last time I remember feeling desperately passionate about wanting something was when I decided I wanted a second child.

Our first son was such an amazing experience, as all first children are, I don't need to rewrite the book on how the first sight of your first born is life changing, it has been done. I experienced all the joy, love, excitement, hope and deep soul feelings that comes with the first child, and I will never forget it.

We only wanted one child, but as they grow, and coming from a family with siblings, we decided our son needed one as well. It was funny though, once we decided that, I was obsessed. I clearly remember running a stop sign (and quickly realizing it after the fact) because I was so deep in thought about having another child. I wanted another child so deeply and obsessively that I ran a stop sign with my first born in the back seat! Luckily these thoughts didn't have to consume me for long, the second son was born about 10 months after the stop sign incident.

Since then, well, ceramics have consumed me, I get obsessed with projects, starting new endeavors such as new venues like The Buyer's Market of American Craft, and last year the San Francisco International Gift Fair. It is so wonderful that I have been able to make a viable career with my ceramics, I am really very fortunate.

Lately I have become deeply fascinated with a new project;  fascination, ambition, desire all of which ultimately turn into a need, right? Passionately wanting something stirrs the same juices in your stomach as hunger pains... doesn't it? It feels that way to me, and now I am ravenous for a trip to Dominica. In previous posts I mentioned that I am planning an artist residency in Dominica next year, and today I did some more research about some of the sites to see, the more I research, the more excited I am. 

Some of the sites mention the "Boiling Lake" and that sounded interesing, until today I found a detailed explaination of the hike up to the lake and realized it is going to take some training to get there. It is three hours up, and three hours back down, my husband and I are going to have to get the kids in shape, I am sure we would benefit from some training as well. Just the thought of a full days adventure to hike to one of the largest boiling lakes in the world reignited my passion for this trip next year, not much deflates my excitement for this trip, except the flights, but it is so much fun to have continued energy for a project.

I am obsessed, about to roll through stop signs....