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scenes from a drought

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Yesterday on my morning bike ride I decided to take my camera along with me to memorialize some of the trees and plants that are dying due to this horrible drought. I was pretty pleased with some of the shots I got, one in particular is a nice stone planter, very traditional and formal, with the dying plant as the centerpiece.

I got some good shots today as well, towards the end of my ride I discovered a gate with trumpet vine over the archway, after that I kept running into some interesting orange objects that I couldn't resist shooting as well, the photo stream can be found here:" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">


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Nostalgia, it is a strange emotion. It begins with a floodgate of wonderful memories, followed by a stream of emotions from that time and slowly settles into a pool of "what if's" , it ebbs between a mournful pain and gleeful giddiness. It seems to settle finally into gratitude. Gratitude that that time existed in the first place, to later become nostalgic about.

Immediately following my high school graduation (really- June, 1990) I flew to The Netherlands to work as an au-pair. The Dutch foreign exchange student at our school had become my best friend, and I was unsure of  how to pursue my artwork, she suggested I take a year and go to Holland with her. It was the best thing I ever could have done.

Straight away I met some brilliant people, French, English, Scottish and Irish, we all became the best of friends. We would meet at the pub and talk and talk. We could talk all night long, and we often did. My best friend from the group, who was there the entire four and a half years I was there (most left after a year or so) was an Irish bloke who was much older than me (he was 29). He looked out for me, as an older brother would, and I could call on him at anytime, he knew me, and knew how it was to live miles away from home with no family, he moved to Holland from Berlin in '89, where he had been living since he was 19. So many things happened in both of our lives over those years, he lost family and friends, I met my husband, it was a real season of change for the both of us, and we were going through it in a foreign country, by our own choice. It is so funny, I can't compare it to military who experience things in war zones, because that is ridicilous, but it was definitely a unique situation, and I treasure that time like one treasures their children's childhood.

After getting married and moving to France for about six months my husband and I moved to my hometown, Kansas City, MO. We always planned to return to Europe, but became settled here. I finally found a way to work in clay, which was an ongoing passion of mine, and it was good.

About three weeks ago I was cleaning out some messages on Facebook and found the "other" tab, I had never really looked in it before. I had a million messages, one stuck out "Hey, I don't know if this is you, but did you once live in Holland?" IT WAS HIM!! The range of emotions I have been experiencing in the last three weeks have been staggering.

I knew from the onset of 2012 that this year was going to be special. My art business has exceeded my expectations, I am planning an art residency and exploratory trip for next year, I am turning the milestone age of 40 in August, my kids are at a really sweet and magical age, my husband and I were able to take our first trip without the kids, life is pretty good, and now even better.

Friendship, it makes me feel like I am wearing diamonds.

science and art, a love story

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I have always loved science, it gets my creative juices flowing like nothing else. When I was in high school my best friend would listen to me blather on well into the late night about how the physics of light fascinated me (is it a partical or a wave?!), while at the same time poking fun and deciding what we should wear the next day (seriously, black leggings with the gold jacket, or the vintage dress with boots?!).

Something I have just recently discovered, (yes, I am several years behind scientific discovery, but in any case) from Radiolab is this show on "Emergence", it really got me thinking. Here is the link:    Emergence is when natural particals, or even beings (ants, fireflies, wild horses, or yeah... even humans) suddenly come together to contribute to a common goal. Ants can create a damn to prevent flooding, fireflies can illuminate in harmony, humans can congregate and create cities... it is almost like the singularity that Einstein was looking for, but I am not a scientist. It is however, something to think about.


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Generally in the spring my days are filled with production work, making orders placed at The Buyer's Market in February, but this year the orders were pretty light, which in another year would have me concerned, but this year actually has me releived. Production work is satisifying, it is so amazing to unload 50 vases, and 60 tiles, and 100 other ceramic objects from a kiln and see the physical abundance of a few weeks hard work, however it is also necessary to have some creative play time. I have only had limited creative development time in the last two years, so I can't wait to just play next week. Themes I have been thinking about are: habitat, transitions, distinctions between places, conservation... how will these ideas/words materialize?