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Wants and needs can be the same thing

Posted by [email protected] on July 10, 2012 at 10:15 PM

It feels like a long time since I have had a passionate desire for something, I feel passionate about so many things, but the last time I remember feeling desperately passionate about wanting something was when I decided I wanted a second child.

Our first son was such an amazing experience, as all first children are, I don't need to rewrite the book on how the first sight of your first born is life changing, it has been done. I experienced all the joy, love, excitement, hope and deep soul feelings that comes with the first child, and I will never forget it.

We only wanted one child, but as they grow, and coming from a family with siblings, we decided our son needed one as well. It was funny though, once we decided that, I was obsessed. I clearly remember running a stop sign (and quickly realizing it after the fact) because I was so deep in thought about having another child. I wanted another child so deeply and obsessively that I ran a stop sign with my first born in the back seat! Luckily these thoughts didn't have to consume me for long, the second son was born about 10 months after the stop sign incident.

Since then, well, ceramics have consumed me, I get obsessed with projects, starting new endeavors such as new venues like The Buyer's Market of American Craft, and last year the San Francisco International Gift Fair. It is so wonderful that I have been able to make a viable career with my ceramics, I am really very fortunate.

Lately I have become deeply fascinated with a new project;  fascination, ambition, desire all of which ultimately turn into a need, right? Passionately wanting something stirrs the same juices in your stomach as hunger pains... doesn't it? It feels that way to me, and now I am ravenous for a trip to Dominica. In previous posts I mentioned that I am planning an artist residency in Dominica next year, and today I did some more research about some of the sites to see, the more I research, the more excited I am. 

Some of the sites mention the "Boiling Lake" and that sounded interesing, until today I found a detailed explaination of the hike up to the lake and realized it is going to take some training to get there. It is three hours up, and three hours back down, my husband and I are going to have to get the kids in shape, I am sure we would benefit from some training as well. Just the thought of a full days adventure to hike to one of the largest boiling lakes in the world reignited my passion for this trip next year, not much deflates my excitement for this trip, except the flights, but it is so much fun to have continued energy for a project.

I am obsessed, about to roll through stop signs....

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