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Posted by [email protected] on January 14, 2013 at 10:05 PM

so, I read that Dominica has the second largest boiling lake in the world and it is worth a trek (major hike apparently) to go see it. I thought that sounded like a great challenge for me to take on, along with the general challenge of getting to Dominica in the first place and meeting and working with some artists there. But, I wondered, what is a boiling lake, why is that so special and from some of the pictures it just looks like a lake with a lot of fog around it set on the top of some beautiful hills. You can't swim in it... it is boiling!!

Well, as fate seems to take hold, this summer my best friend in the whole world (litteraly-- she is from Holland) came to visit us for the third time in the past five years. We love her so much, in fact I met her in high school, she was a foriegn exchange student at my suburban Kansas City High School--Raytown High School, and she changed my life forever. We hung out every weekend, went to concerts, talked, shopped at thrift stores, gossipped, we became best friends. Mid-way through the year she asked me to come to Holland with her, my parents were not too excited about me attending art school, but Holland was fine. OK.

So, I moved to Holland to work as an au-pair, and long story short I met a French man who I married and we now live in the US and have two kids.

Back to the boiling lake, so Marja, my best friend, came for a visit with us this summer and we went on a road trip to Yellowstone... yes, I was bringing it back around.... I had no idea that Yellowstone was so much more than buffalo, elk and bears, I mean, yeah there is "Old Faithful" but I didn't realize the volcanic activity was so rampant and that is the true draw to this park. I must have missed that show.. but it is... there are boiling lakes there!! And beautiful ones with amazing colorful microbes that range from turquoise to bright orange to 23 karat gold (in coloring). I had no idea, all the documentaries on Yellowstone speak about the wildlife and protecting the fragile landscape... show us some turquoise boiling water next time!!

I guess my point is: if I do or do not make the three hour hike up and the three hour hike down from the boiling lake in Dominica I won't feel like I have missed something. There is already so much else to explore in Dominica.

pic from Yellowstone this summer (2012)

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